Why Choose A Professional Snooker Coach?

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Why choose a professional snooker coach?

Jim is considered one of the top coaches in snooker as his list of past successes, including world ranked stars, demonstrate what he is cabable of. His list of successful players, both amateur and professional, continues to grow as can be seen in both the News section and Testimonial section of the website. Jim also has a very successful Junior Academy with champions and International players in every age group.

Another reason to choose Jim is, as a player at the top professional level he was able to reach 29th in the World Rankings and was the first Scottish player to play at the Crucible, winning matches against many of the top professional players.

Having 30 years experience as a player and a coach, Jim can spot the smallest of things in players, that other coaches can't, and by correcting these little faults he can help you make the difference between winning and loosing.

That is why you should choose Jim Donnelly as your professional coach.

Another Championship Title

Another championship title for Improve Your Snooker Academy student, Ethan Laing

Ethan Laing with his trophy

13 year old Ethan Laing has fulfilled a lot of his promise having won the Scottish Amateur Championships for Under 14's and finishing number 1 in Scotland. He has also secured his international place on the Under 16's Scottish Team.

A great achievement for a 13 year old. Congratulations.

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More Titles for Improve Your Snooker Juniors

Congratulations to Ethan Laing for winning his second ranking event and also winning Best Newcomer at the Pontins Festival of Snooker 2011.

Congratulations also go to Darryl Hill on winning the Pontins Festival of Snooker Under 15 tournament.

Well done to both players.

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Snooker Coaching by Jim Donnelly

Snooker Coaching by Jim Donnelly

Love Snooker?

Then let me improve your snooker.

If you are interested in improving any aspect of your game, snooker coaching available to all age groups.

All levels of experience undertaken, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player the coaching sessions will be adapted to your ability and learning pace giving everyone a unique and individual experience.

Snooker coaching is offered on an individual, pair or group basis with club coaching seminars offered for larger numbers.

Coaching is divided into sessions and covers every aspect of the game from simple cueing and timing techniques through to advanced competitive play.

Whatever you are looking for you should find it here.

Contact Jim for more information.